PCmover Software Review

Welcome to my in depth PCmover review, made for those of you interested in trying this system migration software. There are several PCmover reviews out there, but most of them are written by people who don’t have any actual experience with the software. The difference between this review and all the others is I've actually used the software to set up my new PC and personally seen it in action.

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In the past I've always backed up my data and software manually, but when I went to make my most recent switch to my new PC, I discovered there was just too much data to transfer manually. Not only did I have tons of data to copy and transfer but I had several programs and applications installed that I no longer had the software for. I’m sure many of you may have also run into this problem when attempting file transfers.

Let’s say you borrowed a copy of MS Office from a buddy and now you won’t have it if you start using a new computer. With PCmover you can transfer any program you’d like and not have to worry about tracking down the software or buying the software again.

This really came in handy for me because I’m a college student on a tight budget. It was already challenging enough picking up a new computer that was reliable and affordable, but on top of that I realized I was going to have to buy Microsoft Office on top of things. Fortunately I found PCmover and solved this problem for only $29.95 and saved myself the expense of having anything else.

How PCMover Works

The PCmover software package works by forming a link between your computers by using some sort of a network. The following connections are suitable, Laplink USB or Ethernet cable, Windows Easy Transfer Cable or any type of removable media that can be read by both PCs (such as an external hard drive). The great thing about PCmover is you can use it to move everything you have or just some of your files and software. I also found it very surprising that PCmover also works for transferring your PC information to an Intel-based Mac running VMware Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp.

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PC Mover’s 5 Main Features

1) Transfer Applications – PC Mover allows you to transfer any application you wish from your old system to your new system. If you are worried about losing some of your favorite applications when you make the switch than PCmover is the perfect solution for you.

2) User Profile Selectivity – Use this feature to select the appropriate profiles you wish to transfer over to your new system. All previous settings will be transferred and applied to new profiles.

3) Upgrade Assistant – This was the most useful feature for me and it worked incredibly well. If your PC is running on XP or Vista and you are about to change over to Windows 7 than PCmover is the perfect tool for the job.

4) File and Folder Selectivity – With PC mover the choice is up to you for which files you wish to transfer. This feature is great because you might not want to mover everything to your new system. Most of the time part of getting a new system is having a new clean system so you might not want all of your old junk.

5) “Undo” Transfer – This feature is fairly self explanatory, it just allows you to reverse and transfers you might not have wanted to make.


The installation process is very simple and smooth. The instructions are very straight forward and even the least computer savvy user will breeze through it. Once you finish the install process you can specify what you want PC mover to execute.

Using PCmover

The PCmover software is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. It is wizard driven so it will guide you through every step of the process with ease. Once you run the PCMover program the wizard prompt will pop up and give you the step by step directions.

Step 1. Select which computer you are currently using (either new or old)
Step 2. Choose the method of transfer (Network, Laplink Ethernet Cable, USB, or Windows 7 Upgrade)
Step 3. Take computer snapshot and save it to appropriate location
Step 4. Make appropriate selections for transfer
Step 5. Watch PCmover work its magic

The Best Selling PC Migration Utility.

The PC Migration and Windows 7 Upgrade Process

When putting together this review I wanted to test both of the main features of PCMover(migration and the Windows 7 Upgrade) so I did just that. I performed the migration on two laptops, one a Sony VAIO and the other a Toshiba. They are both relatively decent computers but neither one is a powerhouse.

You start the process by selecting any applications you want to transfer on the old computer. As you can see from the image below this is a very simple task. You can start by selecting or deselecting all, and then choosing exactly which applications you want to transfer.

For the sake of this review I selected all applications and really put the software to the test. After you have selected all of your desired apps than the next step is to move on to files and folders…

This part of the migration process works exactly like the application step but might require a few extra minutes. Since you will probably have many more files than applications this process will take some time for you to decide what exactly you want to migrate and what you want to stay.

From this point you must choose where you want the journal file of all of your settings, applications and files to be sent. I decided to go with an external hard drive to keep things as safe as possible. The next step is to log on to the new computer and begin the transfer.

Finished! Just like that you have completely transferred over all of your old files, applications and settings without even breaking a sweat.

I don’t even want to think about the amount of time this would have taken me to do manually. I consider myself quit the computer savvy guy but there is some things I like to take shortcuts with. PCmover is definitely a short cut I will use whenever I’m transferring over an old system to a new one.

PC Mover Performance

The program actually moves much quicker than I expected. With the computers I used, one had 4 GB of ram and the other had 2 GB so they were definitely decent machines. You should keep in mind that the software takes up a good amount of resources so you don’t want to be running anything else simultaneously. I know this probably sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize that additional tasks effects performance.

The Best Selling PC Migration Utility.

Customer Support

Most people will be able to figure out their way around PC mover without any problems but if you have any issues they provide a detailed instructional manual with the software. The manually is extremely easy to follow but as I said earlier the process is Wizard driven so it guides you through every step of the way. If you are still having trouble than the main homepage (laplink.com) has an FAQ section, a knowledgebase, and an online chat section. If their digital support isn’t working for you than you can contact their phone support and most likely get things figured out from there.

PCmover Review Conclusion

If you are need of an easy PC transfer solution than PCmover is definitely the right tool for the job. The migration process went incredibly smooth as well as the upgrade process from XP to Windows 7. I really had no complaints with the software except for the onetime fee seemed a little high. But honestly for the work that PCmover does and time it saves you I understand why they charge what they do.

The professional version is $59.95 and the home edition is slightly lower for $39.95. If you wish to use it one time for a Windows 7 upgrade than you can pay one fee of $19.95 and use the software for the switch. The bottom line with PCmover is that really there aren’t any comparable programs out there. Not only does PCmover deliver everything it promises but the company provides top notch customer service. LapLink is a highly reputable and innovative company that is dedicated to providing superior software and services and with the PCmover software they definitely haven’t missed the cut.

Thank you for stopping in and reading this in depth PCmover review. I hope it answered any questions that you might have had about the software and explained exactly how migration and upgrade functions work. Good luck and I hope you find that Pcmover will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to system transfer or a Windows 7 upgrade.

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Download the Latest Version of PCmover Today!

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An Easy Way to Transfer Windows XP to Windows 7

If you are about to make the transfer from Windows XP to Windows 7 than you must read this first.

Like many people I just made the transition from Windows XP to 7 and wasn't exactly sure how to transfer over all of my old stuff. Well I mean I know I can copy and paste my files and folders to a external hard drive and than transfer them back over but I mean more than just that.

What about all of your bookmarks and favorite web browser?

What about your different applications that you on longer have software or don't want to wait as they re install?

Well if you want an easy and trouble free way to make this transition than your in luck, because there is a great program called PCmover. Pcmover is the ultimate tool for making the transfer from windows XP to Windows 7. Literally you can upgrade to Windows 7 and save every single setting on your XP operating system.

At first I found this a little strange and had to do a few quick Google searches for a "PCmover Review". After spending about 10 minutes seeing what kind of info was out there I decided to give the program a run. After I booted up my new computer with Windows 7 and had a perfect transition I was definitely impressed.

The great thing about this program is it doesn't just have to be used for home computer transfers, it can be used on a business level as well. The company offers bulk discounts and will work out deals for large scale transfers. So if you own a business and want to transfer your systems from XP to 7, Pcmover might be the perfect solution for you.

I know I wouldn't want to experience unnecessary down time with my computer system if I didn't have to, especially if it was gonna lose me money for being down. If you can't afford to purchase a copy of PCmover (home copy goes for $39.95) you can do parts of the process manually.

You can always back up your files on an external hard drive but it is impossible to restore system settings manually. The only way is to start fresh and get your computer back to the settings you need. One reason why I really wanted top use PCmover to transfer my operating system from XP to 7 was I had lost the discs for some expensive software I owned.

Off course I didn't want to go out and buy the programs again so I began searching for an alternative. Thats when I found PCmover and put together this blog. Thank you for stopping by and good luck making the switch from XP to Windows 7. Trust me you won't regret it.

The Best Way to Transfer Windows Vista to Windows 7

Microsoft is always trying to improve their operating system and people are never happy with the changes. They are on a constant mission to improve the platform and make Windows the ultimate computer operating system experience. Since they are are always making changes to the system people are forced to either deal with the old O.S. or upgrade to the new Windows system.

Fortunately people are really enjoying the improvements that have been made with Windows 7 and the operating system blows Vista out of the water. The speed is improvement and things are simplified to make the computing experience easier for the user. With the debut of Windows 7 there has been a massive changeover of computer systems around the world and people just can't wait to upgrade their system to the new system.

Recently a company named Laplink has introduced a product called Pcmover to make the transition process easier. Its really not that tough to follow the directions and transfer your system from windows vista to Windows 7 but it can be tough to save files and system settings. For those of us that are less computer savvy a task such as transferring to a new operating system can be a daunting task. This is exactly what the Pcmover service is trying to simplify, and provide people with an easy way to transfer over to Windows 7.

When I transferred my system to 7 recently I really didn't have to much of a problem because my computer was all screwed up and I didn't want to save anything but files and folders. Many of us are in this situation but than there are other people who wish to save all of their system settings and applications. Not only can Pcmover save all of your system settings and applications but it will move all of your files and folders at the same time. The goal is to fully automate the process and they have done just that.

One thing I always hated about transferring to a new system was you would have to re install all of your favorite programs. Now who wants to go through the process and time of loading an entire new operating system and than have to install a bunch of programs to top it off. This is where Pcmover really shines and cuts the time of the transfer down drastically. The Pcmover technology takes a snapshot of all of your system settings, applications, files, folders and everything you specify and transfers to your new operating system.

If you don't want to transfer all of your old stuff you can easily deselect the files and applications you don't want before you begin the transfer. That is one feature of Pcmover that I tend to see many people concerned with when they discover the service. So if you want to transfer windows vista to windows 7 and upgrade your system overall, use Pcmover to keep your machine personalized to your liking. Thank you for stopping and good luck upgrading to the newest and best operating system on the market.